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Blog posts about daily life in Israel and tips how to enjoy Israel as tourist or as new immigrant (oleh chadash).

From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by bus or train

There are many ways to get to Jerusalem from, such as bus, train and taxi. Let’s explore all of them, analyzing the time and money spent in total. Let’s assume you are now in some place in Tel Aviv...

From Ben Gurion to Jerusalem by train

Nice video tape of fast train from Ben Gurion train station to Jerusalem. https://youtu.be/qCOAXXznaLs

Relax to mountain coast

Today, let's travel and relax to mountain coast of Hadera - best place for meditation in Israel close to sea. https://youtu.be/flTw1voiLBQ

Netanya city, Israel

Netanya is a city 30 km northern of Tel Aviv, in this video, we will walk along the embankment of Netanya with a beautiful view of the sea. https://youtu.be/I_4o04kN3w0

I love TLV, I love sea

Explore Israel travel with GoPro camera. Today, let's travel to sea in Tel Aviv city, Israel. https://youtu.be/7rX4ynmgLrY

Israel travel

Travel in Israel it's very good idea, since Israel is one of the most beautiful tourism attracting countries in the world, so let's start our Israel travel. Israel travel tips After a tourist has landed the airport Ben Gurion, there is much...

Arad – an interesting place in Israel

Arad is a beautiful town. It is situated in Israel, on a mountain pass in the Judean desert. The ancient Arad is mentioned in the Bible. It was destroyed more than 2,700 years ago. Modern Arad is a well-designed...

The Old City of Akko

The Old City of Akko, which is known as Acre, as well, appeared about four thousand years ago, near Haifa. Now, this beautiful and quiet city provides the tourists an amazing chance to face the echoes of Israel’s remote...

Israel travel to Ashdod, the city of dreams

Ashdod is one of the biggest cities in Israel, comfortably located on the Mediterranean coast. It's diverse population, which is around 235,000 as of 2016, makes it the 6th largest city in the country. Also Ashdod is Israel's most...

Israel travel to Herzliya

Do you like fashionable resorts? Then you should visit Herzliya, one of the most prestigious cities in Israel. It stretches along the Mediterranean coast and is situated in 20 minutes from Tel Aviv. You can find here some exclusive...


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