Israel travel videos

Israel travel guide videos about life in Israel from my personal point of view, here I share with you my daily life in Israel, traveling and tips how to enjoy Israel as tourist or as new immigrant (oleh chadash).
I invite you to join my video blog and share your travel tips and your daily life in Israel.


Relax to mountain coast

Today, let's travel and relax to mountain coast of Hadera - best place for meditation in Israel close to sea.

Netanya city, Israel

Netanya is a city 30 km northern of Tel Aviv, in this video, we will walk along the embankment of Netanya with a beautiful view of the sea.

I love TLV, I love sea

Explore Israel travel with GoPro camera. Today, let's travel to sea in Tel Aviv city, Israel.

Herzliya port

Today our Israel travel trip will be to Herzliya, Marina port. The Herzliya Marina port was built in the 1970, it's a largest in the Israel port. It contains all kind of vessels and largest yachts. Visitors are enjoying...

Sarona Tel aviv.

Let's travel to Sarona location. Sarona established by Europeans in 1871. Sarona is now a neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel. Sarona presents earliest modern villages and Tel Aviv municipality has been working to preserve Sarona. This video filmed in...

Night mall Azrieli – Tel Aviv

Every part of Israel is beautiful .Tel Aviv is very modern city. Enjoy 1 minute of watching to the biggest mall Azrieli in the night of Tel Aviv, Israel. The mall Azrieli Towers is very tallest tower, measuring 187 m...

Hadera Stream garden.

Let's travel to Hadera Stream garden. Spectacular green gardens, beautiful landscapes and green wonderful Israeli nature appear with power station. The Orot Rabin power station is located close to a long river coming from the Mediterranean Sea. This calm,...

Eco Park – Hadera city, Israel

Let's travel to Eco Park, It’s so amazing this green park in Hadera city, Israel. In Eco Park you can found Lake full of beautiful fishes , sports places and a lot fun for children.   Report Post

Hadera city a lot green landscape

Israel is a blessed country with a lot of green, in this video I want share with you the nature and landscape of Hadera city.   Report Post

Hadera city – Hameyasdim garden.

Today our Israel travel trip will be to Hameyasdim garden in Hadera city, in center/north of Israel. There I like very high palm trees, with amazing alley when on left & right sides you find pool full of beautiful...


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