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Jewish music is music that warms the Soul and brings a person closer to the Creator. There is a lot of good Kosher Jewish Music on YouTube, so I created a playlist of good Jewish music for the soul for you. I also recommend listening to my previous collection...
Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and its largest city, the 'Holy City,' 'Jerusalem of Gold'. What is not written about this beautiful city? As part of Jerusalem's being an important tourist center, its shopping and entertainment centers, just like the entire city, are incredibly unique! If you are interested in shopping...
The Dead Sea is the lowest land mass in the world, located 434 meters below sea level. The unique lake in the south of the country has a very high salinity concentration of about 34%. Ten times as much as the Mediterranean. Its name in English - Dead Sea, stems...
The city of Beer Sheva, located in the northern Negev and known as the 'Capital of the Negev,' is the largest in the south. Beersheba was declared a city, before the establishment of the state, in 1906 - but is first mentioned in the Torah, in the book of...
The city of Ashkelon on the southern coastal plain is the most western geographically in Israel! For sun and beach lovers, it is the ideal experience, but in addition to that, Ashkelon has a variety of things to offer every hiker. The origin of the name Ashkelon - from the word...
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