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Tiberias is the only city located on the Sea of ​​Galilee's shores on its western side. It is a vital tourist center, not only because of its proximity to the Sea of ​​Galilee but also because of its great importance to Judaism. Joseph ben Matityahu and Sage sources say...
Mitzpe Ramon is a small local council in the Negev center, next to the beautiful Ramon Crater! Only about 150 kilometers north of Eilat and about 80 kilometers south of Beer Sheva, at an altitude of approximately 900 meters above sea level. The location of Mitzpe Ramon - the desert,...
The Western Wall is the impressive wall that surrounds the Temple Mount and borders it from the west. According to Jewish tradition, this is where the Temple was built and destroyed twice, within which the 'Holy of Holies' - the holiest place for the Jewish people, to which only...
Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and its largest city, is located at an altitude of about 750 meters above sea level - and already on the road leading to Jerusalem on your way to it, you will feel the height differences. During the winter months, Jerusalem is one of...
The great sanctity of the 'Western Wall,' the Temple's wall, makes it a significant site, which every Jew aspires to visit. According to Jewish tradition, this is the Temple's place, the holiest and most central location. As it is written in Halacha - one should pray with the heart...
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