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Articles about a travel through Israel and daily life in Israel. Each article will describe the life in Israel and tips and how to enjoy Israel as tourist or as new immigrant (oleh chadash).

Arad – an interesting place in Israel

Arad is a beautiful town. It is situated in Israel, on a mountain pass in the Judean desert. The ancient Arad is mentioned in the Bible. It was destroyed more than 2,700 years ago. Modern Arad is a well-designed...

Jaffa Gate old Jerusalem

Explore old Jerusalem with GoPro action camera. Today, let's travel to Jaffa Gate. https://youtu.be/XRQUfZqwAl0

Archaeology Of Israel

History of the archaeology of Israel The archaeology of Israel is a very complex and large topic due to the ancient history of Israel. The ancient Land of Israel was a connection between  Mesopotamia and Egypt culture. The history...

From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by bus or train

There are many ways to get to Jerusalem from, such as bus, train and taxi. Let’s explore all of them, analyzing the time and money spent in total. Let’s assume you are now in some place in Tel Aviv...

The Israeli Wildlife

General knowledge of the Israeli Wildlife The Israeli wildlife includes the flora and fauna of Israel, which is very differentiated due to the different locations in Israel, temperate and tropical zones, extending from the Mediterranean Sea in the west and...

Western Wall – the Kotel

Explore Jerusalem with GoPro action camera. Today, let's travel to Western Wall ( the Kotel ). https://youtu.be/Y7HOQa9QOWw

History of the Israeli architecture

The Israeli architecture has received different influences from different styles coming from different culture in the centuries since the Land of Israel has been occupied during its long history. In this way the architecture of Israel is an amalgamate...

Haifa photos

Gallery of perfect photos taken in Haifa, enjoy it.

Streets in the old Jerusalem – part 1

Walking the streets in the old Jerusalem with GoPRO action camera. https://youtu.be/giqCBoTBOKU 0:00:00 - 0:01:06 Ohr ha-Chaim Street; 0:01:06 - 0:01:44 Cardo street, main street of old Jerusalem; 0:01:44 - 0:01:47 The Hurva Synagogue; 0:01:47 - 0:02:15 Mishmerot Hakehuna street; 0:01:47 - 0:03:37 Beit El...

Tel Aviv city Park Hayarkon

Israel Travel Guide & tips from Israeli blogger. Let's travel to the biggest park in Tel Aviv and Israel. A river, a lot green, a lot running paths - all made for sport. I tried describe park Yarkon (HaYarkon)...


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