If you plan to stay several days in Israel, then I recommend planning your time so that you have time to聽enjoy a visit to Jerusalem and visit other places in Israel like the Dead Sea and other locations, the list of which is just below.

Jerusalem Light Rail

Tiberias is another beautiful place to visit when you go to Galilee.

Boat on the sea of Galilee

Haifa is a beautiful city on the slopes of Mount Carmel with northern beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Israel

The Negev Desert is a unique place in Israel, and it is better to visit it in the cold season. More south, there is the stunning city of Eilat, where you can see the Red Sea.

Nocturnal view at the Red Sea from the central beach of Eilat

Tel Aviv is the most popular city in the Middle East, and of course, it is the favourite tourist attraction of Israel.


As you noticed reading this blog post, there are so many places in Israel that are unique and fantastic. Hence, it is better to plan your stay in Israel, possibly opting for guided tours to avoid missing to see some places of this beautiful and unique country.